Success Stories

Rescue boy Charlie - our special Foster Failure.

CharlieCharlie was an 11 ½ year old solid red English Cocker that was surrendered by his third owner to the ECSCC Rescue program. He was a large boy - 17 ½ inches and was a fit 30 lbs and he did not look or act his age (almost no greying).

He was most likely unregistered as he has no permanent CKC identification.  He was micro chipped (by a vet office for identification purposes only) and has a spay/neuter tattoo.

Our vet’s fabulous office staff used his spay/neuter tattoo and a rabies tag from another vet clinic to track down his history. They determined that he was born on September 15, 2001 and was neutered in 2004.  He was up to date on all his vaccinations. Upon his arrival with us he was examined by our veterinarian, including a complete blood panel.  He was in excellent health although he needed dental work ; he recovered very well from his dental surgery. True cocker that he was, he didn’t even lose any weight during his recovery period!

His first owner apparently was a single mother who quickly realized that a dog was way more work than she had anticipated and she found him his second home, he must have been in his second home for quite some time but approx one year ago this family placed him with a third family through an advertisement on Kijiji stating that they didn’t have time for him anymore.

He lived with his third family for approximately one year, but it didn’t appear to be a good match for him - they had a long list of complaints about him (soiling in the house, separation anxiety, not tolerating a crate, not very smart and running away).  They also indicated that he has allergies to most protein/grain sources but they seem to be under control by feeding him a fish based, grain free food.  During his check up our vet did not find any ear infection or skin issues during his examination, nor does he scratch.

After he was with us for a month these were our personal observations about him:Charlie and Tahari
He had a fabulous temperament; he loved everyone, especially children and cats.  His tail never stops wagging (he charmed all the staff at our vet clinic!) He really loved people and will follow you from room to room just to be with you.  He is a very non-demanding dog who was content just to be with us.  He became very attached to us in a short time.

He knew all his basic commands... he willingly sat, shook a paw, lay down and came when called (when he was at the vet’s office he used his whole bag of tricks to try to con them out of treats!).

He loves his food and loved to go for walks (he was very excited) and he walked well on a leash.  He loved to go for a car ride and raced to the vehicle when asked if he wants to go for a ride.  I was told that he panicked in a crate but he hoped up into the back of our SUV in a 300 crate all on his own for his rides during which he showed no sign of stress (no whining, drooling etc).
Charlie and Romeo

Because I was told he panicked in a crate, he originally slept in a small 3 x 3 ft, 18 inch high X-Pen located in our bedroom.  He went into the pen when requested and simply lay down and slept quietly until morning - he never whined etc.  Recently graduated to a large wire crate located in our bedroom where he could see us.  He went in the crate on his own and settles down for the night without a fuss.

As for his house training, he has never soiled in our house. Initially, he did not know what a pet door was but with a little encouragement from us, and by watching our dogs use it, he mastered it in two days.  He was SO proud when he used it!

We had multiple dogs in our house ranging from six months to 10 ½ years of age – to whom he was carefully introduced.  Although it was obvious that he was used to being an only dog, he got used to our crew and they totally accepted him.

Despite all the upheaval in his life, he was a delightful, charming boy that we fell in love with and we applied to adopt him so he could remain here with people who loved him and were committed to making his golden years the best in his life.

Charlie lived with us for the remainder of his life and passed away at 15 ½. He was our wonderful foster failure.