Code Of Ethics

As a member of the English Cocker Spaniel Club of Canada (ECSCC), I accept the following guidelines and principles of integrity: 

  1. To comply with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) rules and regulations and its Code of Ethics while at all times upholding the ECSCC’s Constitution and By-Laws.
  2. To comply with all present and future ECSCC Code of Ethics, Bylaws, Statements of Conduct and Club Legislation.  
  3. To support my Club to the best of my ability and to treat everyone with dignity and respect. 
  4. To maintain a high standard of health, care and cleanliness for my dogs on a day to day basis. 
  5. To act in a sportsmanlike manner and not deliberately degrade other exhibitors/breeders or their dogs. 
  6. To make every effort to learn about structure, anatomy, behavior and all inheritable traits of the English Cocker Spaniel. 
  7. To strive to adhere to the English Cocker Spaniel Breed Standard, as adopted by the CKC, to produce dogs of the highest quality in temperament, health and versatility. 
  8. To willingly offer assistance and encouragement to new owners and novice competitors, recognizing the need for mentoring and support within the English Cocker Spaniel community. 
  9. To educate the public about our breed, honestly representing the English Cocker Spaniel by disclosing all aspects of the breed (i.e. known health issues, inherent characteristics and suitability etc.). 
  10. Each member who conducts a breeding program agrees to have an obligation for the wellbeing of every puppy produced.  This obligation shall include: 
    1. To encourage spaying bitches or neutering dogs not desirable for breeding and to make appropriate use of the  "Non Breeding Agreement" provided by the Canadian Kennel Club; 
    2. To willingly take back or assist in placing or re homing any English Cocker Spaniel sold or bred by the ECSCC member. 
  11. To make every possible effort to learn and participate in continuing education, and to stay current on known and emerging health problems within the breed. 
  12. To support and participate in the efforts of the ECSCC by continually assessing the health and longevity of the English Cocker Spaniel through health testing, surveys and research support. 
  13. To screen breeding stock for those identified health issues for which some form of testing is available.  To use the test results as a tool to breed responsibly to control and/or eradicate inherited problems and conditions that are particular to the English Cocker Spaniel. 
  14. To protect the health and welfare of all English Cocker Spaniels entrusted in my care by providing a safe, healthy environment, appropriate and necessary veterinary care, and adequate socialization. 
  15. To truthfully and accurately represent the English Cocker Spaniel being sold in terms of quality and health.  No English Cocker Spaniel should be sold with defects of health or temperament that would interfere with its normal function as a suitable companion.  All known defects or issues that affect the dog currently or possibly in the future shall be disclosed to the new owner. 
  16. To use and give service only to registered English Cocker Spaniels. 
  17. To cover by written agreement all stud service terms and conditions; to keep detailed and accurate written records of breedings, births, registrations, sales, transfers etc. that will comply with CKC. 
  18. To provide each dog purchaser with the following:
    1. CKC registration papers (according to the Rules and Regulations of the Canadian Kennel Club and The Animal Pedigree Act.);
    2. Minimum three generation pedigree;
    3. Complete medical records of the puppy or adult being sold to include dates of inoculations, types of vaccines used, dates of deworming plus copies of relevant and available health check-ups;
    4. Complete list of tests and copies of official results performed on Dam and Sire of puppy or adult being sold;
    5. A mutually agreed upon signed contract between the seller(s) and purchaser(s).
  19. To refrain from deceptive or erroneous advertising, and to accurately and honestly represent the dog being sold or placed.  To always make sure that the dog being sold or placed can be permanently identified by a microchip and/or a tattoo. 
  20. To never supply, under any circumstances, an English Cocker Spaniel to pet shops, commercial brokers, dealers, raffles or similar projects and to never advertise on any classified or commercial Internet sites. 
  21. To support the efforts of ECSCC Rescue.